Bakenomics 1.1

Bakenomics takes the guess work out of pricing your sweet treats & creating customer quotes.

Bakenomics takes the guess work out of pricing your sweet treats & creating customer quotes.

Bakenomics takes the guess work out of pricing your sweet treats & creating customer quotes. This recipe costing app was created by Sweet Fest®, a sweets only marketing company whose main objective is to help sweet entrepreneurs manage & grow their sweet businesses. This app is an example of Sweet Fest’s continued commitment to supporting the needs of the Sweet Community.

With Bakenomics you will be able to calculate the overall cost required to create your treats, including the cost of materials, labor cost, and even special fees such as delivery and rush charges. You can also add in a profit percentage, and Bakenomics will offer a suggested retail price for your treats.

Whether you are an established baker or an aspiring sweet entrepreneur, Bakenomics can help you better understand the cost of your work, which will ultimately help you make the right pricing decisions.

An informal survey conducted by Sweet Fest® revealed that the majority of sweet entrepreneurs have little to no idea of how much their treats cost them to make. Many even confessed that they price their treats solely based on the pricing of their competitors. Sweet Fest® teaches its Sweet Makers that an informed entrepreneur is a successful entrepreneur! Knowing the cost of materials & labor involved in creating your product is essential to establishing and growing a successful business. Use Bakenomics to gain the knowledge you need to become profitable in your sweet business!

Key Features:

Build a Customer Quote: Bakenomics will take you from ingredients to customer quote and provide you with an internal summary that shows your cost of materials & labor as well as a suggest price based on your desired profit percentage.

More than just ingredients: The cost of a treat is more than just the eggs, flour and butter. The cost of your treats should include your labor, delivery fee (flat or mileage based), cake boards, cakepop straws, etc. Bakenomics will help you consider all of these factors.

Create a database of recipes and quotes: After creating a customer quote, your ingredients, supplies, and customer data will be saved in the app for future use. Use this saved data to make future quotes even easier to create.

Email Customer Quotes: Save time by emailing a quote directly to your customer right from the app!

Want to know more about Sweet Fest®? They offer even more services to help you learn about the business side of the baking business. Visit for more information.

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Bakenomics 1.1

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